FPA “Cryptocurrency Rulebook”: Consumer Protection or Restriction?

The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) have recently displayed support in need of a “crypto rule book” framework, which would provide some structure towards regulating crypto exchanges instead of individual crypto assets. This show of support is in light of an increase of current riskiness in the value of crypto assets, with crypto prices … Read more

Challenger Banks face a Challenging Fate

‘Challenger banks’, otherwise known as neobanks have been on the rise. These innovative companies operate and trade purely online, with no backing from the big 4 banks. With an increasing number of these digital banks emerging in the FinTech sector, it begs the question of how these banks will stand against the traditional banks. The … Read more

Apple’s Monopoly; Updates to pay

Apple’s dominance of technology and online service offerings has recently been expanded as it plans to turn certain iPhones into payment terminals and introduce its very own ‘Buy now, pay later’. Revealed to be released in the latest IOS16 update, Apple is taking on fintech giants Square, PayPal and the crowd favourite, Venmo, by allowing … Read more

Boom or Bust: Buy-Now-Pay-Later

Australian Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) companies capitalised on immense investment into this FinTech sub-sector in 2020 and 2021, reaching meteoric valuations, piggybacking off the craze and hype of a product set to disrupt the traditional credit-card market. Since their peaks, shares prices have nosedived more than 90% for once-promising unicorns such as Zip, Sezzle and Openpay. So … Read more